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friday, 13 september 2019

monday, 12 august 2019
OpenBSD 6.6-beta Now running 6.6-beta the new release is coming… USB Headphones Show up on OpenBSD as Aug 12 22:34:57 port /bsd: uaudio0 at uhub6 port 1 configuration 1 interface 1 "Plantronics Plantronics C520-M" rev 2.00/1.23 addr 9 Aug 12 22:34:57 port /bsd: uaudio0: class v1, full-speed, sync, channels: 2 play, 2 rec, 7 ctls Aug 12 22:34:57 port /bsd: audio1 at uaudio0 Aug 12 22:34:57 port /bsd: uhidev8 at uhub6 port 1 configuration 1 interface 3 "Plantronics Plantronics C520-M" rev 2.00/1.23 addr 9 Aug 12 22:34:57 port /bsd: uhidev8: iclass 3/0, 42 report ids these headphones also have a microphone and are designed for VOIP calls. port:fred ~> aucat -f rsnd/1 -i music/trumpet/track01.wav plays the wav file. OpenBSD audio

monday, 29 july 2019
Modern text rendering with Linux Came across the following blog so I thought I would give it a try - currently OpenBSD has freetype1, so I am following the process on a AWS Centos 7 machine. To get the needed libraries I needed yum install freetype freetype-devel and yum install libpng-devel To get the correct headers used pkg-config --cflags freetype2 The makefile was failing to build the program - due to me using /usr/local/include instead of /usr/include with missing headers… advanced muppetry… Google Fonts A collection of fonts and that are served by Google. git git remote -v show fonts freetype font rendering git

friday, 26 july 2019

sunday, 26 may 2019
Principles of Instruction Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Gave up trying to get OpenBSD back on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as it had a working ethernet, but I have been unable to get it to boot from a USB drive - so its now running with a Hyperpixel 4 now I need to work out what to use if for… rpi

tuesday, 14 may 2019
WDC 13:30 Aurora House, 1 Aurora Avenue, Clydebank Octeon Installing OpenBSD on the EdgeRouterLite™ Octeon ubnt_e100# fatload usb 0 0x07d00000 bsd.rd Octeon ubnt_e100# bootoctlinux Installation was straight forward - have not yet set up the Octeon to autoboot OpenBSD. octeon

monday, 13 may 2019
... , so I mailed a diff to ports@openbsd.org. Janet ...

friday, 26 april 2019
... size constrained upgrades. 6.5 openbsd ...

sunday, 3 march 2019
OpenBSD debug build Check out source tree [ 1 ] make obj && make clean && make DEBUG=-g Enable coredumps: See sysctl(8) mkdir -m 700 /var/crash/prog sysctl kern.nosudicoredump=3 run debug binary…and wait for crash gdb obj/prog /var/crash/prog/prog.core (gdb) bt full Currently, I am building OpenBSD using doas , need to work out how to build the system as a standard user. See debugging . debug

monday, 19 november 2018
SocialTrack 10:00 Malt - Active Travel meeting SL A Quick Guide To Soldering Brass Rock64 Some resources How to Setup Serial Console Cable Over the Rock64 SBC Rock64 OpenBSD Tutorial BSD images for Rock64 Etcher CLI making

wednesday, 7 november 2018
RPi3 Updating my RPi3 to OpenBSD 6.4 U-Boot# fatload usb 0:1 0xC0700000 bootcode.bin

tuesday, 11 september 2018
Pine64 OpenBSD on rock64 Serial set up on Pine64 rock64 pine64

thursday, 6 september 2018
Jobs Lomo, 96 Hydepark St, Glasgow G3 8BW Annual Report for BCS AGM DFIR : cyber security jobs and info Carbon - add text data to code image? tomu : get working on OpenBSD. ansible

monday, 7 may 2018
... vmm(4) Debian 9 in vmm(4) vm openbsd ...

tuesday, 6 february 2018
muppetry When their is no output on cu check your not connecting to the rpi with no power… alix >> OpenBSD/i386 BOOT 3.31 boot> booting hd0a:/bsd: 8149652+2282500+167460+0+1093632 [681884+82+489520+501323]=0xcc0830 entry point at 0x2000d4 Needed to create a boot.conf for boot to continue. muppet cu

sunday, 10 september 2017

sunday, 23 july 2017
Tinker Board Another arm board that works with OpenBSD arm

tuesday, 13 june 2017

thursday, 25 may 2017
OpenBSD Running current on my bbb more bbb notes . bbb OpenBSD

sunday, 21 may 2017
... partition the microsd card for an openbsd partition re-ording libraries ...

thursday, 18 may 2017
Net4501 Was updating my Net4501 and was getting: No Boot device available, enter monitor. and realised my comBios was 1.28 so I updated it: > download Start sending file using XMODEM/CRC protocol. CC~XLocal file? b4501_133.bin cu: b4501_133.bin: sending block 1 (attempt 1) … cu: b4501_133.bin: completed 97 blocks File downloaded succesfully, size 608 Blocks. > flashupdate Updating BIOS Flash ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,.. Done. This fixed the No Boot device and then I set up about upgrading to OpenBSD 6.1. cu

tuesday, 25 april 2017
skipfish make was failing with ld collect errors - when I realised I probably needed gmake, where upon skipfish built fine. When run against this website it found the following issues: CentOS On going saga of installing Centos 6.8 in qemu on OpenBSD. skipfish linux centos

wednesday, 12 april 2017
uwacom New driver in OpenBSD 6.1 for Wacom tablets. See this mailing list archive. wacom

tuesday, 11 april 2017
OpenBSD 6.1 Released! apropos TIl that apropos has be replaced by mansearch.c and if you don't run makewhatis you don't get a database of the manpages for searching - Thanks to the great work by Ingo on the documentation of system. 6.1 man apropos

thursday, 2 february 2017
Soekris Net4501 Garbage on console until I remember that the baud was 19200. Upagrade comBios to 1.33 using cu ~X and the comBios download command, oh and upgraded the Net4501 to OpenBSD 6.0. But forgot to create boot.conf: stty com0 19200 set tty com0 luckily it works from the boot prompt. Black History Month 7 Pioneers in ComputerScience Ursula K. Le Guin Rightly calling a "alternative fact" a lie... http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/02/ursula_leguin_on_fiction_vs_al.html cu cs

saturday, 29 october 2016
Titans Halloween Race Day 11:00. opENBsD For better security : set -A c l u; for i in o p e n b s d; do typeset -${c[RANDOM&1]} i; print -n $i; done; print bmx

tuesday, 18 october 2016
OpenBSD Oct 18 OpenBSD born, Wednesday 08:37:01 GMT, 1995

friday, 7 october 2016
vmm Playing with vmm : the OpenBSD hypervisor. vmm is disable by default, to enable it you need to uncomment #vmm0 at mainbus0 line and compile a new kernel. vmm

thursday, 6 october 2016
Minecraft on OpenBSD minecraft

saturday, 3 september 2016
Monitoring OpenBSD Some base monitoring options: systat vm systat sensors Clean up pkg_delete -a to clean up unused dependancies. Zaurus Zaurus retired by OpenBSD today :~( OpenBSD

saturday, 16 july 2016
... ktrace.out > siren.dump lobste.rs openbsd collision kernel ...

thursday, 23 june 2016
Collisions Built a collisions kernel… OpenBSD

monday, 13 june 2016
... obnoxious@troll.com * ^(To|Cc).*misc@openbsd.org /dev/null Feedback Effects ...

saturday, 21 may 2016
MAC 00:20:91 ifconfig needs this . Tomorrow delivers ifconfig OpenBSD

tuesday, 17 may 2016
... :30:13 MDT 2016 deraadt@amd64.openbsd.org:/usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/compile ...

tuesday, 29 march 2016
... =*&len=9 : {"str":"**hapless"} openbsd left pad ...

friday, 19 february 2016
Ubuntu Development Testing To test a development versions of ubuntu you need the -d : do-release-upgrade -d neovim Built neovim on OpenBSD . gmake followed by doas gmake install after following the OpenBSD -current insturctions. Then used nvim to edit this entry :~) linux ubuntu neovim vim

wednesday, 10 february 2016
... Microsoft Surface Pro 3 dmesg openbsd ...

wednesday, 27 january 2016
File Permissions This answer gave to good tools for printing file permissions in octal: stat -c %a [filename] find [path] -print '%m %p\n' Which is a simpler approach to the problem than this stackoverflow post: ls -ltha | awk '{k=0;for(i=0;i Although the second answer works in OpenBSD and Ubuntu. permissions file awk

sunday, 27 december 2015
Nginx A good right up on nginx on OpenBSD on H-I-R . OS in Rust IntermezzOS : an learning project about an OS built in Rust. rust nginx

saturday, 26 december 2015
Boxing Day Mailing list archive of some of my OpenBSD mails. ml

saturday, 12 december 2015
OpenBSD on GitHub Three years later…an interesting follow on. git

sunday, 1 november 2015
... 2046,7 @@ case "$target_os" in targos=openbsd case "$target_cpu" in i?86) targmach ...

sunday, 18 october 2015
20 Years Old! The 20th anniversary of the creation of the CVS tree for OpenBSD . BMX Coaching 13:30 to 14:30 Beginners Session 14:45 to 15:45 Advanced Session lights.climagic.com nc -u lights.climagic.com 45444 : lights are numbered 1 to 9 from left to right. OpenBSD bmx nc

saturday, 10 october 2015

thursday, 8 october 2015
DOS How to build DOS COM files with GCC was an interesting blog - so I gave it ago. The following error is due to OpenBSD design to not allow cross compilation: /usr/bin/ld: warning: i386 architecture of input file `/tmp//ccTXL4Up.o' is incompatible with i386:x86-64 output although it built okay on i386 it was still failing to link hello.c:(.text+0x36): undefined reference to `_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status More ld foo required… clang-libdos looks like another approach. Space Weather dos

wednesday, 7 october 2015
OpenBSD 5.8 Arrived #OpenBSD 5.8 has arrived :~) pic.twitter.com/vb7wPGhBPF — Fred Crowson (@fcbsd) October 7, 2015 Sniff A language developed to allow Scratch programmers to move to a more conventional language, that also controls hardware: arduino, Pi and Lego EV3. OpenBSD sniff

tuesday, 6 october 2015
Python Documentation Offline pydoc -p 8080 gives a browsable interface to the docstrings of modules in your python environment. qemu Running XP on OpenBSD in qemu tnef tnef - decode Microsoft's Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format: this was needed to read a winmail.dat file. Perl 6 It's arrived. python qemu tnef perl6

monday, 5 october 2015
qemu Running debian on OpenBSD in qemu. qemu

tuesday, 15 september 2015
Trigonometry The Law of Sines or Sine Rule. BITS Successfully running bits-2005 in Parallels on Mac Mini, version bits-1154 failed to boot. It also runs on OpenBSD: port:fred ~/qemu/bits-2005> qemu-system-x86_64 -m 512 -monitor stdio \ Finish the line --> -vnc :0 -no-fd-bootchk -cdrom ./bits-2005.iso \ Finish the line --> -boot d Then in another window run vncviewer localhost:0 . PCSC bits pcsc

thursday, 27 august 2015
... Used diff -uNr -x CVS /path/to/openbsd/ports mystuff/port to generate ...

monday, 27 july 2015
... / [2015-07-27 22:33:39.879598] openbsd/ [2015-07-27 22:33:39.879620] ...

saturday, 25 july 2015
doas doas is a replacement for sudo coming in OpenBSD 5.8. The source code is in /usr/src/usr.bin/doas BMX Fitting Guide Some useful BMX sizing information from Tim March: Crank Length: hips should not rock from side to side unneccessarily [1] Crank Length (mm) = Inside leg length (inches) x 5.48 The constant might go up to 5.6 or in metric (divide 5.48 / 2.54): L (mm) = 2.16 * Inside leg length (mm) Courtesy of: http://www.nettally.com/palmk/crankset.html Bar Width: Shoulder Width + 2 * Hand width So on this reckoning [2] L (mm) = 2.16 * Inside leg length (cm) L = 2.16 * 79.6 L = 171.936 mm see [1] above. I should be on 172mm length cranks - need to get some 175mm to try out. OpenBSD doas bmx

wednesday, 8 july 2015
Mirrors http://mirror.telepoint.bg/OpenBSD/ mirrors OpenBSD

monday, 6 july 2015
From NAND to Tetris The hardware simulator was starting with a blank screen, this thread gave a clue by giving the following commands: Alt+space,M,up-arrow which then showed the chip icon - so grabbing the corner of the screen and enlarging then showed all the elements. So it looks like it is all working on OpenBSD using: port:fred ~/code/nand2tetris> java -version openjdk version "1.8.0_45" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_45-b14) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.45-b02, mixed mode) code java OpenBSD error

monday, 8 june 2015
Free License What a Free License should say: Copyright foo I give up my rights and permit others to: distribute sell give modify use I retain the right to be known as the author/owner OpenBSD license

sunday, 31 may 2015
... :14) [GCC 4.2.1 20070719 ] on openbsd5 Type "help", "copyright", "credits ...

friday, 1 may 2015
OpenBSD 5.7 Released SSLMate Let's Encrypt A new Certificate Authority: free, automated, and open. A Linux Foundation project.

thursday, 12 march 2015

thursday, 5 march 2015

thursday, 29 january 2015
... :28:23 MST 2015 deraadt@i386.openbsd.org:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile ...

friday, 23 january 2015
FreeBSD Installed FreeBSD on my x41: fred@x41$ uname -a FreeBSD x41 10.1-RC3 FreeBSD 10.1-RC3 #0 r273437: Wed Oct 22 01:27:10 UTC 2014 root@releng1.nyi.freebsd.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC i386 It's been along time since FreeBSD 4.0 when I started with FreeBSD. FreeBSD uses svn - so yet another version control system to learn… I'll look for a git version another day. The handbook is good - but Greg Lehey's 3rd Edition of The Complete FreeBSD still has a place on my bookshelf. unlikely to be softdep Great description of full disk issue - solve by fstat(1) - look for processes have files open in the directory and then use ls(1) -iRa /thisdirectory and kill the processes with files open that are *not* linked until you find the one with the big file open. FreeBSD full disk OpenBSD

thursday, 22 january 2015
ScotLUG : Talk OpenBSD: Redundant & Transparent Firewalls Synopsis Building Transparent Firewalls with CARP and pf on OpenBSD : a practical introduction to building redundant firewalls for the practically paranoid. Notes slides : The slides from my talk [1] Slides created using https://opensource.conformal.com/wiki/slideml but I hacked the source code to add url's, and transitions. manual : My initial script for the talk - I deviated massively from this but it provides some insight into how it all works [2] mandoc -a -Thtml slug.7 > /var/www/htdocs/ict/slug/slug.html . ScotLUG : my Scot LUG directory. talk OpenBSD lug slug

sunday, 28 december 2014
... This grew from a question on misc@openbsd.org . Arduino Only just noticed ...

saturday, 15 november 2014
FULLPKGNAME For some reason make plist was generating ${FULLPKGNAME\-} in the plist which then caused make package or make install to fail. Removing the \- fixed that issue. Also had to patch the datadir it was hardcoded to /usr/share/ and OpenBSD installed it to /usr/local/share . Platform Python code for finding out about the operating system.

wednesday, 12 november 2014
CLI commands Show the most commonly used terminal commands blog post, and also a bad words post. ack ack is a search tool written in Perl. A cheeky OpenBSD user complained that it was out of date : it was a fairly trivial update so I replied with a diff [1] here cvs diff -uN * > ack2.14.diff and Stuart sensibly and politely replied with a better approach :~) So Nigel provided a correct diff and I tested it on i386, amd64 and sparc64. Ag Is another searching tool - time to give it a shot.

sunday, 9 november 2014
... ) | mail -s "VDS: working well" dmesg@openbsd.org dmesg bsd ...

friday, 7 november 2014
gets gets was removed from the OpenBSD stdio.h library - which was causing me some headaches as man 3 gets was still returning the man page. The solution was using fgets : fgets(input, sizeof(input), stdin); c

tuesday, 4 november 2014
Standing Desk Still needs some work - the monitor is not quite at the right height, and the depth is a bit shallower than ideal. $22 standing desk is also a nice solution to the problem.   Libretto 70CT Decided to upgrade to OpenBSD 3.0 diy bsd OpenBSD puters

monday, 3 november 2014
Register for NCC Winter Series Registration details on the Schedule gimp Hearts with layers and Alpha to selection : needed for a card. Libretto 70CT Due to memory limitations I'm currently running OpenBSD 2.9 on my Libretto. libretto bsd OpenBSD puters

sunday, 2 november 2014
Upgraded Upgraded my VPS server on Mythic Beasts to OpenBSD 5.5. To access the vnc console I had to add the following rule to my pf.conf on firewall pass in on ! lo0 proto tcp to $vncmythic port 6001 due to the default pf.conf blocking connections to X on port 6000:6010. As always the upgrade went smoothly, all done in 15 mins including sysmerge and port_add -vu ! NCC Winter Series Round 1 Manchester Indoor. Sun Fire V100 Both Sun Fire's have the same LOM : lom>show version LOM version: v3.11 LOM checksum: 6a9d LOM firmware part# 258-7871-17 Microcontroller: H8/3437S LOM firmware build Dec 3 2001 16:33:10 Configuration rev. v1.4 iPXE Open Source network boot firmware.

thursday, 30 october 2014
if I had five less followers… I missed Scot LUG Success 40% of OpenBSD installs lead to shark attacks. It's their only standing security issue…

tuesday, 28 october 2014
MacMini Upgrade the memory from 2Gb to 8Gb - but it was still really slow with Maverick - so re-installed Snow Leopard It was officially maxed out - but somewhere along the line Apple admitted that it could be upgrade to 8Gb. OS X: Keyboard Shortcuts OpenBSD 5.6 pre-orders arriving Retro Fitting an Ikea Table memory diy

monday, 27 october 2014
Signal Strength In inspiration of music and technology! Libretto 70CT Due to memory limitations I'm now running OpenBSD 2.9 on my Libretto. [1] Those with good eyesight will notice the picture was taken on 3rd November :~) Although clicking on the image might work wonders… OpenBSD libretto

friday, 24 october 2014
HST OpenBSD 5.6 Arrived today FreeAgent Mini

thursday, 23 october 2014

monday, 6 october 2014
American Timezones On OpenBSD the timezones are listed in the /usr/share/zoneinfo/ folder, need this information for: for i in Pacific Mountain Central Eastern do TZ="US/$i" date done which produced the following: Mon Oct 6 04:00:04 PDT 2014 Mon Oct 6 05:00:04 MDT 2014 Mon Oct 6 06:00:04 CDT 2014 Mon Oct 6 07:00:04 EDT 2014 Useful for working out time differences when co-ordinating across the pond.

tuesday, 30 september 2014
ɒ Wanted a turned a - took a bit of hunting down but found it at: ɒ Javascript CLI Overhauling unixkcd to give it a OpenBSD feel. The code is available on GitHub .

monday, 29 september 2014
history Changed my mind, I'm now creating history files for each terminal… I used tty|cut -d'/' -f3 as an alternative to tty|sed 's;.*/;;' as I was getting my .* and *. confused. Minecraft Minecraft on OpenBSD : need to test this on i386.

monday, 22 september 2014
Turning a laptop into a CCTV Project Rodent need to do something similar - for video recording on OpenBSD - although I have used video(4) to do the job in the past. VGA Dummy Plug Dummy VGA plugs : this is a good tutorial for building dummy VGA adapters.

saturday, 20 september 2014
... Thanks to Jeremy Evans post to openbsd-ports, for bringing my attention to ...

tuesday, 2 september 2014
get_iplayer Thankfully flash is difficult to use on OpenBSD - thus usually I have not managed to get iplayer to work on OpenBSD - but I was just not aware of get_iplayer [1] Discovered on OpenBSD mailing list: Can OpenBSD access BBC Iplayer? Thanks to Anthony Campbell for letting me know of this existance of get_iplayer. which works well.

tuesday, 5 august 2014
QEMU A couple of qemu links: Using Qemu How to Install Windows on OpenBSD Poor service again… port:fred ~> date; time speedtest-cli Tue Aug 5 23:43:41 BST 2014 Retrieving speedtest.net configuration... Retrieving speedtest.net server list... Testing from Eclipse Internet ( Selecting best server based on ping... Hosted by LAUSA (Gloucester) [53.80 km]: 14.305 ms Testing download speed........................................ Download: 2.43 Mbit/s Testing upload speed.................................................. Upload: 0.37 Mbit/s 1m23.55s real 0m1.02s user 0m0.35s system speed

friday, 1 august 2014
Introduction to Linux:lfs101x Signed up for this edX course - need to work out if it's worth doing the paid version. Started the course today, so far so good - a good general introduction. What system should I use? Linux freeshell.de 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u1 x86_64 GNU/Linux KVM on OpenBSD? Arch Linux on BBB Scottish Regional Round 10 17 August 2014 : entered. bmx

tuesday, 3 june 2014
Lullabot VW T4 Forum Bug Hunting Helping OpenBSD : an excellent idea to help OpenBSD improve. bugs

monday, 19 may 2014
sqlports The OpenBSD ports database is now in an sqlite db: port:fred ~> sqlite3 /usr/local/share/sqlports and so you can query the tables: SQLite version OpenBSD Enter ".help" for usage hints. sqlite> select name from sqlite_master where type='table' order by name; Broken Categories Configure ConfigureArgs DPBProperties Depends Descr Flavors MasterSites Modules Multi NotForArch OnlyForArch Paths Ports PseudoFlavors ReadMe Shared_Libs Targets Wantlib Using .tables and .schema works at the sqlite> prompt. Exploring Binary

thursday, 15 may 2014
Alverstoke Juniors igor igor is an automated proofreading tool for documentation files. Spell Checking in Firefox and Thunderbird Noticed that spell checking is working again but the fix is local to OpenBSD - the underlying bug is reported here .

wednesday, 14 may 2014
0̸MQ Time to read 0̸MQ The Guide . IdeaPad Playing Up Messed up an upgrade - so ended up pulling the disk to install OpenBSD: mq install

saturday, 3 may 2014
OpenBSD Release process OpenBSD release process: unlock tree from 5.4 release, become 5.4-current (occurred july 29, 2013) ~6 months of rapid development for work to become 5.5 5.4 is formally released from stuff up to july (occurred november 1, 2013) slow down, no big changes, abi/api lock, become 5.5-beta tree locks, hopefully no remaining changes (occurred feb 28, 2014) developers test final snapshots on all archs, discuss outstanding issues OPENBSD_5_5 is tagged, considered "5.5 release" CD images are created for 5.5 release, Theo works on getting artwork, giving CD images to pressing plant tree unlocks, becomes 5.5-current (occurred march 5, 2014), rapid development starts leading up to 5.6 CDs for 5.5 release start shipping, ftp release happens may 1, 2014 Thanks to jcs for this overview. release OpenBSD

thursday, 1 may 2014
BMX Planning Application asciinema The misc/asciinema was resubmitted to ports@ and successfully test on OpenBSD amd64, i386 and macppc: I also successful tested pip installation: sudo pip install --upgrade asciinema

wednesday, 23 april 2014
... While trying to get the updated openbsd55_arm.ipk on to my Zaurus - I ...

monday, 21 april 2014
Gosport BMX Club Race Round 2: A good days racing Also entered the regional next weekend . LibreSSL The OpenBSD version of OpenSSL.

tuesday, 8 april 2014
... PORTSDIR_PATH=${PORTSDIR}:$(PORTSDIR)/openbsd-wip:${PORTSDIR}/mystuff ...

monday, 7 april 2014
unbound Set up an unbound server to allow a windows machine to connect to the internet. Heartbleed: OpenSSL bug OpenSSL which has nothing to do with OpenBSD has a massive vulnerability - OpenSSL needs to be patched.

friday, 4 april 2014
Keeping an OpenBSD Installation Clean Some excellent advice from Stu Henderson , do everything through ports (locally written / updated if necessary) and: pkg_delete -a & -X -a Delete unused dependancies -X Delete everything, except the list of packages that follow OpenBSD

friday, 28 march 2014
Mythic Beasts Set up a VPS using OpenBSD - the cd image was OpenBSD 5.2 so had to upgrade twice to get it to 5.4 - also changed network device from e1000 to virtio (vio0 supported out of the box on >= 5.3). Excellent service! vps

wednesday, 26 march 2014
curl silently failing This issue bit me again as OpenBSD is using a chroot by default curl is unable to find dot.pem file for ssl … so it silently fails.

tuesday, 18 march 2014
Hack #1 Getting the most of the default shell: although the hack is written for FreeBSD's tcsh. The sections History and Auto-completion Editing and Navigating the Command Line apply to the default ksh shell found in OpenBSD . The last two sections need some investigation to work out how to achieve a similar result in ksh. Learning from Your Command History Silencing Auto-complete history By default the ksh shell found in OpenBSD doesn't set HISTFILE, thus history is lost on log out - which is useful security measure - as history files can record all sorts of useful information :~) [1] grep your history file for your password :~/ Added HISTFILE=~/.sh_history to my .kshrc file. I had tried HISTFILE=~/.history.$( tty | sed 's;.*/;;') which created files like -rw------- 1 fred staff 71 Mar 18 15:33 .history.ttyp8 but I decided this would create to many history files.

wednesday, 5 march 2014
sparc Trying to get a sparc machine going - discovered my SS5 was failing with a cache failure. The SS5 was running OpenBSD 3.7 when it died.

monday, 3 march 2014
NFF Chase up accommodation for 29-3 to 1-4 Helensburgh - 5 Minutes drive from centre For Information and Bookings The Drumfork Centre Phone: (01436) 6709100 CAF Manager Phone: (01436) 677266 Keyboards Parts HobbyTronics : for teensy, mouser for key switches and QWERkeys for keys, designs: ErgoDox and atreus , with information from geekhack . chrome Chrome (chromium) on OpenBSD was opening pdf 's with inkscape and not a pdf viewer - had a similar issue on debian . The archlinux wiki was a useful resource. Testing changes to xdg-mine can be done by: xdg-open fileoftest.type pdf keyboards chrome

friday, 28 february 2014
... tested : see code below ) - using openbsd-wip - but the dependancies where ...

thursday, 27 february 2014
OpenSCAD Updated website with an OpenBSD section in downloads :~) Building OpenSCAD Started building OpenSCAD from source git clone https://github.com/fcbsd/openscad.git cd openscad qmake4 but make failed on dependancies - eigen was not at 3.0 - trying to port eigen has ground to a halt… ( see tomorrow ) The Joel Test Do you use source control? Yes: git and cvs Can you make a build in one step? build a script Do you make daily builds? you should Do you have a bug database? Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Do you have an up-to-date schedule? Do you have a specification? Do programmers have a quiet working conditions? Do you use the best tools money can buy? Do you have testers? Do new candidates write code during their interview? Do you do hallway usability testing? ports code

saturday, 8 february 2014

wednesday, 29 january 2014
Cardboard Helmet Abus Kranium Performance Helmet as discussed in this BBC news article on Paper Helmets . Velorution can be found here . CD to mp3 Using Nick Holland's old post: Using and Creating MP3s with OpenBSD as a starting point for developing a script to rip my OpenBSD Songs 4.1 to 5.1 CD that turned up yesterday. Atom Added Jetway JNC9MGL-525 dmesg database - need to test upgrade to 5.5.

tuesday, 28 january 2014
OpenBSD Goodies My OpenBSD t-shirt and turned up in the post today! OpenBSD

monday, 27 january 2014
Postcode Finder Moor Lea, EX33 2HP != Moor Lane thttpd Came across thttpd as a result of BeagleBone post on Ted Unangst's flak . But thttpd has not been maintained since release 2.25b in Dec 2003 - the supported fork is now sthttpd which is an OpenBSD package - but I only discovered this after building it myself and fixing the build issues that I came across. bbb

monday, 20 january 2014
OpenBSD 5.5-beta Zaurus and Ultra Circuit OpenBSD zaurus

wednesday, 15 january 2014
BitCoin My CoinBox account now has the minimum payment amount - just need to wait and see if I get paid. :~) They paid in about 20 minutes of my balance going over 0.000055 BTC. My Blockchain information. Lobsters Joined Lobsters : a technology focused link aggregation site. OpenBSD 5.5-beta

thursday, 9 january 2014
Independent Publisher : a word press theme. Pac-Man OpenSCAD update in OpenBSD ports OpenSCAD updated to 2013.06

monday, 6 january 2014
Andriod Studio 0.4.0 Finally have Android Studio working needed to install SDK and install the ia32 libs as my laptop is running amd64: Enable i386 architecture [ U&L ] dpkg --add-architecture i386 further hints from Tim Mattison's blog apt-get install ia32-libs Now I just need to Build my first app OpenSCAD I fixed my laptop dependencies and installed OpenSCAD , but noticed that the OpenBSD version was behind the latest release, so I emailed a diff to ports@ . 4 paths to kernel hacking hacker school

wednesday, 4 december 2013
Rebuild iBook Ended up re-installing Mac OS X 10.3 on my ibook to increase the OpenBSD partition to 10G OpenBSD ibook

tuesday, 12 november 2013
tray-app Was looking for a battery status for awesome on my laptop and came across tray-app which was also in packages. bitcoin Running the new bitcoind on OpenBSD - wondering if I can mine any thing.. ports

monday, 4 november 2013
IEC C14 I need to get some IEC C14 (the male version of C13) to make some leads for mum's UPS . MineCraft on OpenBSD To increase the amount of memory available to MineCraft on OpenBSD: ulimit -d 4194304 /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/bin/java -Xmx2048m -jar /var/games/minecraft/minecraft_server.jar nogui Adafruit DS1307 RTC Finally built my RTC kit from Adafruit. This uses a CR1220 coin cell battery to backup the time. Chromium issue fixed chrome issues resolved thanks Edd - eventually managed to build Chromium 30.0.1599.101 which fixed the issue.

wednesday, 23 october 2013
OpenBSD 5.4 My 5.4 disks turned up: twitpic *BSD Stuff Came across FreshBSD while watching BSDnow TV

monday, 21 october 2013

wednesday, 14 august 2013
OpenBSD: compilers Compilers in OpenBSD : an excellent insight into the problem of compilers. compilers

wednesday, 31 july 2013

friday, 26 july 2013
Disk Layout Reinstall Debian wheezy after repartioning my hard disk to create an NTFS and DOS partition between the Linux LVM and my OpenBSD partitions. update-alternatives --config java update-alternatives --config javaws Required to get android studio running following an error: tools.jar is not in Android Studio classpath

thursday, 11 july 2013
... menuentry 'OpenBSD' { set root=(hd0,openbsd1) chainloader +1 boot } This ...

monday, 24 june 2013
BT Phone Cancelled 11 mins and 25 seconds - most of which was on hold waiting to give thirty days notice - no longer using BT line - due to moving to Virgin Broadband. Lexmark C500N AppSocket/HP JetDirect socket:// Name, description and location details Make: Lexmark Model: Lexmark C500 Foomatic/foo2slx (recommended)(en) Set default options Test print … Success :~) You can talk to the printer direct through telnet: Lexmark International Telnet login: sysadm Password: no password C500 Configuration Utility 1.0 Unit Name: LX_00G38944 Serial Number: 00G38944 OpenBSD installation A big thanks is required for the developers of foo2slx printer driver for Lexmark C500N. pkg_add -v foo2zjs /etc/rc.d/cups restart set up as above :~)

thursday, 13 june 2013
Beagle Bone Black Arrived! OpenBSD beagle page now needs a read Octeon EdgeMAX from LinITX Is My Internet Down? If you are wondering if a site is up or down, try: Is … down for everyone or just me? bbb

thursday, 16 may 2013
chroot curl OpenBSD I couldn't work out why my Pushover script was not working in the default chrooted apache on OpenBSD - using: sudo ktrace -di httpd -X and then looking through the ktrace.out file with kdump I came across: 14523 httpd NAMI "/etc/ssl/cert.pem" 14523 httpd RET open -1 errno 2 No such file or directory and once I had copied /etc/ssl/cert.pem into the chroot - all was good! curl chroot OpenBSD

friday, 3 may 2013
OpenBSD 5.3 Disks arrived My OpenBSD 5.3 cd's turned up in the post!

wednesday, 1 may 2013
OpenBSD 5.3 Released Arm A10 CPU card

thursday, 18 april 2013
CLI RAM : free  [ debian ] and a dmesg|grep mem for OpenBSD , or sysctl hw|grep mem CPU On Mac OS X sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string or system_profiler|grep -i process and on Debian: cat /proc/cpuinfo mode lines System Info: dmidecode Used cvt to get a working mode line for xrandr when gtf failed: Mode lines: cvt Brett Sommit Real Weird

saturday, 13 april 2013
... number> http://marc.info/?l=openbsd-misc&m=136589279409498&w=2 ...

monday, 25 march 2013
KMS OpenBSD has KMS in -current - which I'm playing with on my x41 , it's currently slower than it was when running X - screen redraws are obvious. The funniest bit is that the virtual consoles all over write each other which makes switching between virtual consoles a bit tricky. Some more links Freescale SABRE Lite Design and Novena - Open Source laptop

tuesday, 23 october 2012
Unix Timestamps date -r timestamp gives the date in human readable form on OpenBSD , date +%s gives the current unix timestamp (appears to work in *nix). The command in Debian / Ubuntu date -d @timestamp To get the time in a different timezone: TZ="America/New_York" date unix timestamps

thursday, 16 august 2012
Samsung Galaxy SIII Setting up Tethering for OpenBSD on my Samsung Galaxy SIII was as simple as USB tethering and then using dhclient on urndis0. samsung

tuesday, 31 january 2012
Scratch 1.4 on OpenBSD 5.1-beta Had to edit the iniscratch file to the 1.4 file locations, and after removing my Scratch directory, and rerunning iniscratch all appears to be working well. Created a shape drawing program - see Scratch files , as a start to creating some KS1 and KS2 resources.

monday, 17 october 2011
Periodic Table The periodic table of elements is useful for Chemistry. KDE has an excellent Periodic Table application called kalzium , which on OpenBSD is in the kdeedu package (usually installed to /usr/local/bin/kalzium). I was reminded of this by the xkcd comic called Elements , and discovered that the current version of the periodic table is credited to Dmitri Mendeleev , who published his table in 1869.

thursday, 29 september 2011
Building PuffyBox I've got the challenge of building a OpenBSD version of PirateBox… OpenBSD

thursday, 21 july 2011
Muppetry Updated my Thinkpad X41 Laptop to OpenBSD 5.0-beta, used sysmerge to update /etc and then when I tried to start X it failed with: (EE) No devices detected. Fatal server error: no screens found This was due to OpenBSD not allowing X to access the memory and was fixed by uncommenting the sysctl.conf 'machdep.allowaperture=' setting, and was the first line in the Xorg.0.log file: (WW) checkDevMem: failed to open /dev/xf86 and /dev/mem (Operation not permitted) Check that you have set 'machdep.allowaperture=1' in /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot your machine refer to xf86(4) for details

wednesday, 13 july 2011
... http://git.freebsd.your.org/cgit/openbsd/: this link is now dead. ...

wednesday, 6 april 2011
VNC VNC was failing between my OpenBSD box and my MacMini with the following error: try_create_image: shm image create fail: image == NULL try_create_image: created *non-shm* image: 1360x768 try_create_image: image->bytes_per_line: 5440 Using the following command line: x41:fred ~> vncviewer -bgr233 -passwd macminivncpw mini:5900 Turns out this was linked to the bgr233 option, removing that option allowed the connection to succeed.

sunday, 3 april 2011
Mentioned in Commit Messages Was mentioned in an OpenBSD commit message for uvm_pmemrange.h , can I use this for CPD :~) cpd

friday, 18 february 2011
Verbose Kernel Booting Sometime more information is needed during boot: boot> bsd -c UKC> verbose UKC> exit watch the verbosity! boot kernel OpenBSD

tuesday, 25 january 2011
OpenBoot Sparc64 TN105 OpenProm Commands The OpenProm commands are useful when using LOM on my Netras and Sun Fire V100 . Restore defaults and set boot device to disk: ok set-defaults ok setenv boot-device disk sparc openprom OpenBSD

monday, 24 january 2011
PhD Comics T1 Netra Getting closer: ok> boot disk1 bsd resulted in OpenBSD IEEE 1275 Bootblock 1.1 output - but then no further action… sparc OpenBSD

thursday, 6 january 2011
Moodle 2.0 On OpenBSD To get Moodle 2.0 working on OpenBSD I need to get php5 Zip, hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to try the advice from Tech Debug Blog and see if that allows moodle upgrade to proceed… moodle

thursday, 28 october 2010
OpenBSD Distfiles http://openbsddistfiles.com/jolan/ NetBSD xmltools http://git.huoc.org/?p=regxml.git port to OpenBSD? OpenBSD

sunday, 5 september 2010
OpenCon The OpenBSD Conference.

saturday, 4 september 2010
OpenCon The OpenBSD Conference.

friday, 3 september 2010
OpenCon The OpenBSD Conference.

wednesday, 23 june 2010
What is Computer Science https://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/home/page/teaching/wics.html Zend Framework Developing a CAS database using the Zend Framework on OpenBSD . zf configure db-adapter 'adapter=PDO_POSTGRESQL&host=localhost&dbname=cas&username=zfuser&password=pass' This command failed as I had the pdo adapter name wrong it was the abbreviated one of pgsql! zf configure db-adapter 'adapter=PDO_PGSQL&host=localhost&dbname=cas&username=zfuser&password=pass' This was successful. Configuring Zend to use a PostgreSQL database. sql php cs

wednesday, 14 april 2010
Moodle Moot UK Senate House, University of London http://moodlemootuk2010.org.uk/ Certainty Based Marking Installed Moodle 2.0, used Zip in PHP5 on OpenBSD . moodle cpd

monday, 28 september 2009
Dept Meeting Arduino Arduino with OpenBSD : http://www.arduino.cc/playground/FreeBSD/CLI KS3 Forum report. arduino OpenBSD

sunday, 20 september 2009
... Cambridge Talks 10:15 faster packets in openbsd (Stream A) 12:00 Quiet Computing ...

saturday, 19 september 2009
8th European BSD Conference Cambridge Talks 10:45 OpenBSD malloc (Stream B) 15:20 Experiences of kqueue (Stream B) bsd

wednesday, 9 september 2009
... release and my disks from http://www.openbsdeurope.com/ . bsd OpenBSD ...

wednesday, 11 july 2007
Cross-Compiling OpenBSD Don't do it: how to do it… : some good advice from //art OpenBSD

thursday, 3 january 2002
OpenBSD on a Libretto 70CT Finally emailed OpenBSD www mailing list to mention that the documentation for Libretto 50CT also worked for the 70CT. OpenBSD

wednesday, 18 october 1995

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