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Cultivate the spirit of perseverance

What it costs:

There is a £5.00 fee for each training session.

Beginners sessions cost £5.00 for each training session.

In order to grade you need a valid KUGB Licence, which is renewed annually.

The KUGB licence fees are:

New Members:

Renewals (annually):

Licence forms are available from Sensei Will and Shaney.

Kyu gradings are held every three months or so at Imperial Karate club, there is a training session prior to the gradings. The grading cost is usually about £15.

Karate Gi

The Karate Gi (uniform) can be purchase from many places, both online and in sports shops. The cost of Gi ranges from £20 upwards. We usually recommend Enso Martial Arts Store at 190 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5RB.

KUGB Spring & Summer Schools

The KUGB runs week long Spring and Summer Schools each year, which cost approximately £200 for the week. The Spring schools normally takes place in Paignton, Devon in April. The Summer school takes place in August at Lancaster University.

The Webmaster's write up on the Summer School 2006 can be found here.

James from Bristol Shotokan Karate Club attended Summer School 2007 his write up can be found here.