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Sensei Ed Starks

Sensei Ed Starks

1950 to 2013

Place of Birth: England

Started Shotokan: 1974

Awarded Shodan: 1979

Awarded Nidan: 1983

Awarded Sandan: 1993

Sensei Ed Starks, 3rd Dan was Chief instructor at Bristol. Ed started shotokan training in 1974, at the Bristol Shotokan Karate Club based in Totterdown YMCA, training under Sensei Bill Winfield. Ed originally joined for self defence reasons but soon found that there was a lot more involved. Obtaining a high level of fitness, speed and confidence soon appealed to Ed, he enjoyed sparring (kumite) and kata, which is where you practice set moves with imaginary opponents.

By 1979 Ed had gained his Black Belt and was teaching Shotokan Karate classes which he continued to do until Summer 2013, "I enjoy helping students gain confidence in themselves, improving their fitness and defence techniques and gaining their respect and friendship".

In 1993 Totterdown closed due to refurbishment of the property, and that is when Bristol Shotokan moved to the hall of the Holy Trinity in Horfield.

Ed was helped over the years by Sensei Guy March (1st Dan), former student of Sensei Bryan Gideon of Backwell SKC.

Sensei Ed Starks worked with Sensei Shaney & Sensei Will to develop Bristol Shotokan Karate Club to what it is today.

Sensei Ed Starks died of Prostate Cancer at St Peter's Hospice on Tuesday, 12 November 2013.