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About this Web site

The current Webmaster is Fred Crowson, who designs, develops, maintains and hosts the Bristol Shotokan Karate Web Site using OpenBSD.

This website was originally designed and maintain by Tony Bristow, who provided much of the inspiration for this site.


If you wish to copy anything from this website please contact: Fred Crowson.


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About the Webmaster

Fred started training in Karate in September 1986, at Hatfield Polytechnic Karate Club at the Balls Park Campus in Hertford, under the instruction of Sensei Pete Brew.

Fred started training regularly with Bristol Shotokan Karate Club in 1990, at the Totterdown YMCA, on his return to Bristol. In 1993 he joined the Royal Engineers and stopped training regularly until 2003, when back in Bristol he started training again with Bristol Shotokan Karate Club at its new location in Horfield Parish Church Hall.

Fred was awarded his 1st Dan in Karate-Do Shotokai on 8th December 2010, by Sensei Mitsusuke Harada.