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Want to know what training is like with Bristol Shotokan Karate Club?

We train at  Horfield Parish Church Hall  on Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings starting at 9pm.

Shotokan Karate is an excellent means of self development, with the added benefit of keeping fit, improving strength and flexibility!

If you are new to Shotokan Karate or want to learn Karate why not come to our Beginners Class on Thursday evenings from 8.15pm to 9pm?

Bristol Shotokan's training sessions start at 9pm with Sensei Nei Rei where the class pay there respect to the insturctor. This is followed by warm up exercises and stretching. Once the class is warmed up and ready to go, the session usually follows this format:

Bristol Shotokan Karate Club

Warming up






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